Empty Arms Bereavement Support: Links for Grieving Parents

Links for Grieving Parents

Empty Arms offers needed resources to all families who find their way to us, whether they would like to attend our support group or not. Below are links to a variety of resources that we have found helpful. If nothing else, we hope these sites will help you to feel less alone on your journey.

* An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination, by Elizabeth McCracken
* They Were Still Born, edited by Janel Atlas
* Finding Hope When a Child Dies, by Sukie Miller
* Empty Cradle, Broken Heart, by Deborah Davis
 * We also recommend browsing the bookshelf at the Glow in the Woods website.

Memorial Jewelry, Photography and Other Keepsakes
* Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: a gentle and professional memorial photography service
* To Write Their Names in the Sand: your child's name written and photographed on a special beach
* After Iris Reads Aloud: poetry read in memory of your child
* My Forever Child, La Belle Dame, Mama Mia, Heart on Your Wrist, E. Sightler Designs, and Poppet Jewellry: memorial jewelry with your child's name, birthstone, hand/footprint, or other meaningful symbol
* Portraits by Dana: hand-drawn memorial portraits
* Art from Ashes: local artisan who will incorporate ashes into sculpture, jewelry, or other keepsakes

Essays, Artwork, and Poetry
* Glow in the Woods: essays and an active, online community
* Still Life 365: artwork and poetry by grieving families
* Kota Press: essays, artwork and coaching programs
* Exhale Ezine: literary magazine

* SHARE: support, information, and education
* MISS Foundation: online resources and support forums
* Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Blog Directory
* National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day: about the day of remembrance on October 15 every year
* Grieving Dads: supporting fathers to share their perspectives
* Grieve Out Loud: a pen-pal project connecting grieving parents around the world

Blogs by Grieving Parents
* Cotton Socks
* burble
* Non Geordie Mum
* Elm City Dad
* Between the Snow and the Huge Roses
* Tuesday's Hope